How to Keep an Entire Turkey in a Sous-Vide Bath

A ghost haunts Thanksgiving – the ghost of a dried turkey. One of the easiest ways to prevent this horror is to cook a large sous vide bird, but thanks to the large opening where it used to be inside, keeping a whole turkey underwater is usually quite difficult . To overcome buoyancy, you can cut the turkey into quarters or fill the cavity with broth .

Unfortunately this is not a solution I came up with using the power of my brain. No, this clever workaround ( editor’s note: turk-around ) was introduced to this world by Cole Wagoner of Anova, whom I met at the sous- vide conference . (Have you ever heard of a sous-vide conference? Let me assure you that it is a very cool and interesting event with very cool and interesting people attending.)

Anyway. Cole and I were talking about sous vide (obviously), and then the turkey theme came up. He casually, as if he were not a genius, mentioned his turkey sous vide recipe , in which the chef must fill the hollow guts of a bird with two liters of chicken broth, defeating the terrible bird. The bird remains completely submerged in a water bath for 24 hours, after which it is removed, patted dry, and then ground in a 450-degree oven. Cole cooks his bird at 150, which is perfect for the breast, but I bet you could turn it up to 160 for the hips. I doubt the breast will dry out – after all, it happens in a very humid cooking environment (especially with all this broth).

Sous Vide All Turkey | Anova


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