You Can Now Report Abuse on Twitter Lists on IOS

The Twitter List feature makes it easy to navigate the noise of the platform, but it has one major inconvenience – the lists are filled with potential abuse, especially when you find yourself on someone else’s People Who Suck on Twitter lists.

This is what we mean. Users can organize the accounts they follow into lists, creating more easily digestible feeds based on whatever subcategories or topics they want. This can make Twitter a lot less impressive, especially for those who follow a large number of accounts that cover a wide range of topics.

However, some users have abused Twitter lists, turning the feature into a tracking-like tool for categorizing and tracking specific groups. For example, members of online hate groups can collect the accounts of marginalized people into lists and easily share them with others, as well as give these lists rather nasty names.

To limit the use of lists as a harassment tool, Twitter is launching new reporting tools that will allow users to flag when they are added to malicious or offensive lists. This feature is now available for iOS and is coming to the Android app soon, although the process is identical for both versions of the app.

How to report malicious or offensive Twitter lists

Being able to report malware lists is a smart move, but Twitter has stopped notifying users about the lists they were added to back in 2017. You can still check which lists you have been added to by clicking the Lists option in the main sidebar menu and then selecting Member.

  1. To report an illegal list, open the list in iOS and select the “…” icon.
  2. Click “Report”, then select “This is offensive or harmful.”
  3. Please provide any additional information or clarification in the field provided, and then submit your report.
  4. You will be notified as soon as the report is received and you will be informed of any additional action from Twitter.

Hopefully this will help further curb the rampant abuse that many Twitter users face on a daily basis. However, as we have seen in the past, actually stopping harassment will require more than just new ways of reporting abuse.


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