How to Keep Your Disney + Account From Being Hacked

According to numerous reports, several hacked Disney + accounts have been popping up online lately. And those who hack into your account are not taking advantage of some crazy vulnerability in the streaming service. They are either phishing your account details or, even worse, logging in under your name using credentials that were already discovered when the password was cracked elsewhere.

In other words, if you use the same password for Disney + as you use for other services, and one of them gets hacked, you are putting your entire Disney account at risk – Disney parks, streaming services and all.

It’s a bit odd that Disney allowed its fans to bundle all of its services in this way, although from a technical point of view, it makes sense. After all, you don’t have a separate password for Google Play, Google Drive, and Gmail. What doesn’t make any sense at all is why Disney can’t allow a person to add extra security to their accounts using two-factor authentication .

At least if I am planning a trip, shopping and watching movies online, I would like to be able to prevent unauthorized access to my one and only account by forcing potential attackers to enter a special code that requires physical access to my phone in order to gain … This is hardly Mickey Mouse-level magic; it’s just good account security.

In the meantime, if you’ve already signed up for Disney +, I recommend changing your password to one you don’t use anywhere else, and using one of the many great password managers available today to keep track of that (and any other unique passwords you use ). As such, it will be quite difficult for another person to find out your password, unless they force you to type on a website or service that is not actually Disney + .

You should also be able to subscribe to Disney + using a variation of your real email address, such as, which will prevent it from being tied to your other Disney services, but this seems a little extreme. You never know what Disney might present at some point in the future that could bring you some benefit by linking all of your Disney services under one account. (I’m just speculating.)

Come up with a unique password for yourself, hopefully Disney comes together for 2FA and that should be all you need to do to stay safe with Disney + (for now).


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