Get $ 300 Off Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Now

Head over to eBay and you can get a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ for as little as $ 800, the lowest we’ve seen in a while (and certainly better than most Black Friday deals you’ll see. , if there’s).

Trick? First, you place an order with a seller on eBay , which can be a little unnerving and / or void your phone warranty in the event of a problem. Second, all of the great Galaxy Note 10+ colors are already sold out by the time we get there; only Aura White remained. This isn’t bad news if you’re planning on packing your Galaxy Note 10+ into a case, but it’s definitely not Aura Glow .

For what it’s worth, Samsung currently sells its 256GB Galaxy Note 10+ smartphones for just $ 840, but there is a catch here too. To receive this discount, you will need to purchase your own eligible phone. Otherwise, you’ll be paying over $ 1,000 for your new device, which makes an eBay deal more attractive if you’re looking to save some money.

And after you’ve purchased your Galaxy Note 10+, if you decide to pull the trigger, be sure to check out our in-depth guide on how to set up your new device.

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