Chickpea Broth – Key to Vegan Thanksgiving

Hearty broth is the backbone of any great Thanksgiving menu. And if you’re a vegan , you won’t find anything better than a rich, golden chickpea broth.

There’s a reason chicken and turkey broth are the default options for holiday cooking: both are definitely savory and tasty, but more neutral than something like beef or pork broth. It’s the same with chickpea broth. You might think that everything will taste like chickpeas from him, but you were mistaken – in any case, he tastes surprisingly chicken. It has all the body you could wish for, thanks to the starch contained in the chickpea itself. And with its gorgeous golden hue, the chickpea broth even looks like a good chicken broth. Have you ever bought a box of vegetable broth that was cloudy brown or bright carrot orange – and tasted nothing at all? Chickpea broth will never do that to you.

Stocking up on chickpea stock before the big day is as easy as making a large pot of dried chickpeas. Soaking overnight is completely optional , but if you choose to soak, cook the beans directly in this soak water for the fullest possible broth. (The bean experts at Rancho Gordo stick to this technique , and so do I.) Season them however you like – the classic combination of carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and bay leaves is hard to beat on Thanksgiving – and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil per cup of dried beans, then cook until tender. I usually cook mine on the stovetop because I love to fuss with them, but an instant skillet or slow cooker will work too.

When the chickpeas are ready, strain them and leave to last until the last drop of sweet, sweet bean juice. Season the broth to taste and store in the refrigerator for 2 weeks or in the freezer indefinitely. As for the chickpeas, use it however you like. Even if they don’t show up on your Thanksgiving table, you’ll have quick meals for at least a couple of days.


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