Automatically Detect Computer Generated Text With This Chrome Extension

These days, artificial intelligence systems can write fairly convincingly readable text. A new browser extension, GPTrue or False , can check if the given text has been generated by the AI.

The extension (developed by Giulio Starace and available for both Chrome and Firefox ) works using the OpenAI GPT-2 text generator and checks if the generator output is similar to the text you are interested in. If you do not want to install a browser extension, you can instead of this insert text on the webpage .

It works best with text coming from GPT-2, but Janelle Shane tested it on some other types of AI-generated text and found it to be pretty good at detecting them. (Shane is a renowned artificial intelligence scholar and author of a new book on artificial intelligence called You Look Like a Thing and I Love You . AI is responsible for that title.)

The extension determined that messages written by me personally were not created by artificial intelligence. (Ugh, secretly I’m not a computer!) I also tried this on the Lifehacker headers I created in this AI experiment (“The best way to buy an interview”, “How to create your own podcast bar”) and it correctly identified them as computer generated … Try it and see what you find!


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