You Must Make Mufasa Your Lock Screen

When he spends too much time in his underwear playing video games or watching other people play video games on YouTube, my friend Cole imagines his grandfather sigh, roll his eyes, and say, “Did I fight this in the war?”

I think this is the spirit that made the Reddit user always change the lock screen to the image of Logan Roy, the disapproving father in Legacy . Redditor says this was a helpful reminder not to talk to the phone. You can do the same, whatever your taste, for disappointed parents. For you, it could be:

  • Mufasa is disappointed in Simba for playing in the elephant graveyard
  • Miranda Priestley disappointed in Anne Hathaway for insulting azure
  • Gordon Ramsay whispers “damn it” because a promising MasterChef member made a bad meal
  • Hank Hill Frustrated That Bobby Can’t Throw a Baseball
  • M Judy Dench, frustrated that Bond couldn’t keep him in his pants
  • Maggie Smith, in all her roles, is frustrated that someone used the wrong fork, or married a family that had to buy their furniture.

Find a nice still image or even GIF if you want to create an animated lock screen . Imagine this character staring at you, wasting his life on his fucking phone. Feel ashamed. Let this shame distract you from your phone and return to real life, or at least your computer.

The usual caveats of “phones are inherently not bad” apply. Only do this if you really want not to use your phone for your own good, but you cannot turn it off all day or leave it at home. (It’s crazy that people are used to just walking around all day without a small communication / information / entertainment center.) Suggestions for negative numbers are welcome.


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