How to Plan Your Own Vampire Apocalypse

How quickly can vampires take over the entire human population? Omni Calculator gives you not one answer, but six based on the vampire myths from Dracula , Salem’s Site , Vampire Interview , Twilight and True Blood , and some custom scenarios. You can see the whole world converted, or how humanity fights against assassins. You can also change all the variables to give your own answer.

The simulation combines basic vampire “rules” from fiction with real-life models of populations of predators and prey. The big difference is that these predators don’t die unless they’re hunted. You have the option to add vampire slayers, make humans more resilient, or make vampires less aggressive to see if humanity survives better.

But unless you seriously restrict their growth, vampires always win. Without any opposition, just one Dracula and his slaves could take over the current population of Earth in less than two years. (Try adding assassins to Dracula’s model and you’ll find that it takes a lot more than Buffy alone.)

It’s amazing to see a pattern: the capture is almost invisible until it’s all over the place, and then it’s complete. A few vampires seem to be a fixable problem for weeks or months and then all replace humanity at once.

And this is a real example: Replace vampires with “setting up Internet access” or “converting from paganism to Christianity,” and you have a description of modern America or ancient Rome. This, like vampirism, tendencies that overwhelmingly moved in one direction: people do not stop wanting access to the Internet, and early Christians, as you know, will die before turning to paganism. At first these epidemics looked like statistical noise, but then they suddenly became the norm. If you want to know more, Malcolm Gladwell is obsessed with this model (and expanded on it) in his 2000 book The Tipping Point .

If you need more free epidemiology simulations, try the following:

  • FRED Measles Simulator : See the dramatic difference in health between 80% of the vaccinated population and 95% of the vaccinated population in any major US city.
  • Zombie City USA : Watch the USA darken as the zombie plague destroys humanity in this beautiful simulation game.
  • Disease Laboratory : Simulate the spread of disease using very simple parameters including variable mortality, vaccination rates, and infection factors.
  • GLEAM : Downloadable Geographic Outbreak Simulator

Or play Plague Inc. ‘s epidemic- based games on your mobile device or computer, Pandemic 2 on the web (turn on Flash), or the Pandemic co-op board game. All of these games and simulations explore the complex science of how trends spread and how to stop them.

Hey, you didn’t forget to get the flu shot, right? It is, as in any pharmacy, cheap, fast, and saves lives . And if you’re worried that the season is too early, you can stop worrying . Don’t let vampires take over.

Vampire Apocalypse Calculator | Omni Calculator


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