Grilled Vegetables for Maximum Crispiness

Water is the enemy of crispy, perfectly fried, golden brown vegetables , and it sucks because vegetables have a lot of it. If you like crispy edges, try a cooling rack. The increased air circulation means that all the water will actually evaporate, so your vegetables come out crispy every time.

Basically, it’s that simple, but there are a few tricks to make the most of this technique. First, don’t be afraid to raise that oven temperature a lot: 425-450 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. When it comes to cooking, thin slices of vegetables are better than large ones. The delicate pumpkin in the photos was tender and delicious, but it would really get crispy if I cut it into 1/4 “slices instead of 1/2”. Also, be sure to add plenty of oil to your vegetables – even a little more than you would normally use. Without a hot skillet to darken, each piece of vegetables should be covered in fat for crispiness instead of dehydration and turning into vegetable skin.

You can put just about any vegetable on the wire rack, but I’ve found that the wetter the vegetable, the better it cooks. (If you’ve ever opened the oven to check fried vegetables and steam up, you know what I mean.) Cruciferous plants like broccoli, cauliflower, and kale have been the most successful – I mean, just look at these flowers. ! “But sweet potatoes and carrots are fine too. Add some cornstarch or baking powder and you are on your way to heaven with crispy fried vegetables.


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