If You Are Doing Deadlifts, Buy Deadlift Socks.

You don’t need special socks to pick up the barbell and put it back down . They are by no means needed. But I found that my deadlift workouts got better after I started wearing knee pads, and I think if you haven’t tried socks yet, you might want to.

Key here: Deadlift works best when you hold the bar very close to your body. It should slide straight over the front of your legs as you stand up. By doing this, you remain balanced and effectively put in the effort to lift the weight.

But if you do this job well, the bar can scratch your shins. If your bar has particularly aggressive knurling – oh. If you are struggling, you will probably need to wear socks because Shin scuffs are common and no one wants to clear the blood from the bar.

I always thought I’d buy a pair of deadlift socks right before my first competition (actually next month). But the other day I bumped into a few knees at a sale with cute kitties and I thought … why not?

Friends, they matter. I didn’t realize that I was afraid of scratching my shins until all of a sudden I had to worry about it. Now, when I lift the barbell, I feel the contact of the barbell with the toe and allow the barbell to slide upward. I videotape myself to check my form, and I can tell that I hold the bar a little tighter. I train better thanks to the $ 2 socks.

So, try deadlift socks. If you want to be one step better than any cheap socks on the market, try real deadlift socks ( SBD and Moxy are two popular brands), which are usually made from a smooth material to minimize sticking and sometimes and have little amortization. over the lower leg.


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