How to Make Cinnamon Buns Taste Like Cinnabon

Cinnabon technically makes cinnamon buns, but the product they make almost falls into its own category on its own. Buns are stickier, thicker, thicker and more intense than their counterparts.

As with any favorite mass-produced product , there are many recipes for imitation on the web, and I am not going to write a new recipe when there are many that can be used. (I like this one from Stella Parks the most.) In truth, any cinnamon bun recipe can be tweaked to make more cinnabon, ie Better – you just have to do three little things.

Double glaze

Now is not the time for restraint. We don’t make delicate French pastries or even fussy English tea cakes, we make big American chonkers born in the chaos of a mall’s food court. Are the Cinnabon buns drizzled with icing? No, they drowned . So no matter how much frosting you need in your recipe, do it in half. The “worst” thing that can happen is “too much” ice. Somehow, I think you can handle it.

Get Fancy Cinnamon

You’ve probably been to a mall. (I don’t know the exact demographics of those who read this site, but probably “visited the mall at some point.”) When you were at the mall, there was probably an intoxicating mixture of cinnamon, sugar, butter, and yeast. through the nose, capturing the senses and watering the mouth. While it’s true that any sweet cinnamon bun can cause a similar reaction, Cinnabon uses a proprietary blend of cinnamon they call “Makara Cinnamon.” You can buy their special cinnamon mix in a small signature jar or Korintjie Cinnamon – the cinnamon that won the first question, ” What kind of cinnamon are we going to use in our buns?” competition many years ago . This is a sharper, more volatile crust that produces a more flavorful and seductive roll.

Undercooked jerks

Nobody has ever eaten cinnamon rolls, sighed and then said, “I wish it were drier.” The best cinnamon rolls are soft and crumbly in the center, with a lightly browned, barely golden crust that gives only the slightest resistance before giving way to a stringy, soft, sticky middle. To achieve this perfect texture, you need to undercook by 10-15 degrees.

Cinnabon cooks them at a very low temperature of 165 ℉ , but this temperature is typical for their dough and may be too low for yours, depending on the ingredients. When I tried to boil the Parks buns to this temperature, they came out not dough, but rather raw. But when I cooked the rolls 15 degrees below the specified end point (190 ℉ instead of 205 ℉), they were absolutely perfect. There was no “crust” as such, only a slightly golden barrier of heated dough to give the roll some structure. Inside, a world of sticky, cinnamon-drenched wonders awaited. It was like being in the food court again, only without the competing smells of the food court and without the teens. I would never let a teenager go into my kitchen.


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