What’s in Store for and Out of Netflix in November 2019

This month, Netflix features Billy on the Street , Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas , Grease , Baby Rosemary’s Baby , Step Brothers , The Game , The Complete Matrix Trilogy (last shown on Netflix June 30 ) and Zombieland .

The original series features a new Japanese edition of the Queer Eye , Crown Season 3, Fucking World’s End Season 2, Shi-Ra and the Princess of Power Season 4 , Patriot Act with Volume 5 Hasan Minhai , Great British Pastry . Show: Holidays: Season 2 , Funny! Holiday!: Season 2 and Green Eggs and Ham , featuring endangered animals.

The original movies are not Irishman Irishman. Timothy Chalamet plays the king in The King . Klaus rescues, threatens or defends the status quo of Christmas. Netflix also has a new movie called Drive as there are no known movies with that name yet.

There are new comedy specials from Seth Meyers, Mike Birbiglia and John Christ that “appreciate the weakness of millennial culture,” and I’m sure it’s the refreshing trick we all need.

Groundhog Day Last Call, Little Women , Madagascar 2 , Scary Movie 2 , Sex and the City Movie , Six Seals , American , Pet Rabbit , Lord of the Rings 2nd and 3rd, The Sixth Sense , Stardust , and both Caddyshack s. It’s not that bad to be honest, but they better get Groundhog Day back by February.

Arrival in November

Here’s a complete list of new shows, movies, and comedy releases. Links lead to trailers and Netflix originals pages.


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