Get Amazon Echo Dot for Just $ 9 Today

If you’re an Amazon Prime member – and we haven’t scared you off of smart speakers yet – perhaps now you have a chance … to finally pull the trigger. Right now, Amazon Prime members can buy the Echo Dot, which usually sells on the site for $ 49.99, for just $ 8.98. You can use your echo to read the news, listen to audiobooks, or just use it as a fancy alarm clock (like me); you also get a free month of Amazon Music Unlimited as part of a deal that you can cancel at any time.

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, you can always sign up for the trial and cancel it before the end of the month. Not sure how to protect yourself from surveillance? Maybe take your time to install any skills or activities of third-party or independent developers with little or no feedback. You can head over to Amazon’s website to learn more about the Echo Dot. We suggest you act quickly as the sale is likely to be short-lived.


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