Don’t Bother Buying This $ 20 Cereal Box

I like sweet cereals. My mom didn’t allow this at home, and so I spent many years with my grandmother devouring plates with this, watching the charismatic and irresistibleStick Stickly . I sometimes mixed the cereal – Rice Krispies Treats with cocoa pebbles were a favorite.

This, coupled with my love of bisexual color, suggests that I am the target audience for Kellogg’s All Together cereals , which seem – at first glance – LGBT-friendly boxes containing many different types of cereals mixed together. That’s not the point, but a box of six smaller boxes of different grains that you can mix yourself. It costs $ 19.99.

To be clear, this is $ 19.99 for 189 grams of cereal. In comparison, you can purchase an eight-box pack that contains an additional 53 grams of cereal for $ 3.99 at Target .

The All Together box, made up of several small boxes, is part of Kellogg’s ongoing partnership with GLAAD, which sounds good, but I was unable to find any information on exactly how much – if any – of the $ 19.99 would be sent to the organization. Kellogg will donate $ 50,000 to GLAAD, but it seems that they will do it anyway, regardless of whether or not buying you a large box of small grains (I reached out to Kellogg for clarity and they still have no response):

Kellogg is releasing an all-new 2019 Limited Edition All Together Cereal this year with six mini cereal boxes packed in one large, exclusive All Together box to celebrate our belief in being together. The box contains six famous Kellogg mascots and cereal in one box, which is a symbol of recognition, no matter how you look, where you are from and who you love. All Cereals Together is available for a limited time on Thursday October 17th for online retail through for $ 19.99. Kellogg donates $ 50,000 to GLAAD to support its anti-bullying and LGBTQ advocacy efforts.

All of this confuses me as to what the All Together cereal box is supposed to do. That’s a lot more money for a lot less cereal, it doesn’t seem like the GLAAD donation is anyway dependent on how many people buy the expensive cereal and you have to mix the cereal yourself (which I consider to be unpaid labor since the product advertised on the big box, – these are already mixed flakes). Also, it’s worth noting that $ 50,000 may sound like a lot, but as of October 18, 2019, Kellogg’s has a net worth of $ 21.09 billion .

The hacker is obvious here: Buy yourself a cheap trial box of cereal (preferably one that does not contain both raisin bran and cornflakes), mix them up as you wish, and donate $ 20 directly to GLAAD, which will be a whole $ 20 in addition to Kellogg’s donation.


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