Make Prosciutto Chips in a Waffle Iron

Prosciutto chips, which I fondly call “pork chips,” can be used as a fancy snack, a falut piece of bacon, or – in the case of one cocktail I once drank – an unexpected side dish for a drink. Typically paper thin slices take at least 15 minutes in the oven to get nice and crispy, but you can speed up the process considerably if you have a waffle iron.

Preheat a waffle iron (non-stick or lightly oiled) until hot, then press the prosciutto between the two burners for three or four minutes, checking every minute or so to make sure it doesn’t burn. (Depending on the size of your waffle iron, you may need to cut the prosciutto to size.) Once the fat has melted and the meat has darkened to a nice golden hue, remove the chips with tongs or a chopstick, let it wet on a paper towel for a minute, then use its like crispy bacon. Eat immediately, sprinkle with salad or soup, or place in a sandwich. I haven’t tried prosciutto chips yet to make it for anything but my mouth, but I’m limp when it comes to crispy pork.


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