One of the Best New Features in Google Maps Is Finally Available on IOS

IOS users who prefer Google Maps over the Apple Maps app or even Waze will finally have access to one of the best features of the Android version: the ability to send real-time traffic reports.

Despite the fact that the traffic report feature is available on Android for several months , in a version for iOS it is absent. But as of today, the latest Google Maps update for iOS will finally allow iPhone users to ping information about car accidents, traffic jams, speed traps and more in real time right on the map.

How to Send Traffic Alerts to Google Maps on iOS

  1. Download (or update) Google Maps from the Apple App Store .
  2. With the latest version of Google Maps installed, open the app.
  3. In navigation mode, press the “+” button to open the traffic report menu.
  4. Tap the type of warning you want to set: crash, speed limit, deceleration, construction, lane closure, object on the road, or disabled vehicle.
  5. Then you can click “confirm” or just wait a few seconds and the alert will be sent automatically. In a few seconds, it should appear on Google Maps.


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