Fly Back and Forth to Delta Using Just 10,000 Miles

If you’ve accumulated airline miles for a while, you’ve probably also started to wonder what you can potentially do with them. The cost of these miles can vary greatly depending on where and when you want to travel. If the miles are for Delta, the airline has a page that shows where the miles could potentially go farthest . In some cases, you can purchase a round trip ticket for as little as 10,000 miles.

Right now, these 10,000-mile flights are operating from Boston and heading to Orlando or Fort Lauderdale. In 12,500 miles, you can get from New York to Fort Meyers, Florida, and 14,500 miles from Atlanta to New Orleans.

All these offers have specific travel periods, there is a discount here. If you’re curious, Delta lists the limits for each one at the bottom of the page, below deals.

And these trades always change, sometimes in the middle of the day. If you are in the market to spend some of those miles you have accumulated, you can bookmark the site and check periodically to see if there is a good deal where you would like to travel.


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