These Subreddits Will Help You Remember That Word at the Tip of Your Tongue

The Tip of My Tongue subreddit has been helping people remember things for ten years. The next time you can’t remember the title of a movie, song, gif, book, time-lapse video that turns the war of the 20th century into a fight for food … whatever it is, come here and ask.

Here are some of the most popular subreddit mysteries solved:

Current unsolved mysteries include:

While you can post pretty much anything to TOMT, if you’re looking for a video game, you might have better luck with Tip of My Joystick . For porn, head over to the NSFW Tip of My Penis . And while it’s a very quiet subreddit, you can also try TOMT Anime for anime. If you’re a RoosterTeeth fan looking for a moment on any of their channels, try the amazingly active ‘ Tip of My Cock’ subreddit . And if you’re looking for a subreddit, use Find a Reddit .

If you have forgotten a word for a certain thing, use ” What is this word . This is interesting to look at as there are often multiple answers: in one popular post, someone needed a term to denote the weirdness of adapting to reality after being immersed in a movie or book. One editor knew it was a book hangover , another was a kind ofjamais vu , and a third coined the word distoria.

If you have an object but don’t know what it is, use What Is This Thing? This subreddit has identified:

For more accurate object identification, try Name this car , Name that plane, and Name that bike . If you know what you need but don’t know where to get it, try Help Me Find .

Wherever you are submitting, read the rules in the right pane of the subreddit. This way you will avoid automatic deletion of your message due to the fact that you forgot something or wrote meaningless texts such as “doot doot doot”, instead of humming them in audio.

Finally, if you want to read about other unsolved cases that are not traditional true crimes, head over to the Secrets Not Murder subreddit.


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