See How Democratic Candidate Tax Plans Affect You

If you’re wondering how the tax plans of the top Democratic candidates differ from each other, and how those plans might affect how much you pay your taxes, there is a new online tool to help you visualize what each candidate has to offer.

Tax Justice Now is an interactive site that allows you to compare the tax plans of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren with existing tax laws. Here is a graph showing Warren’s proposed tax rates by income group (in blue) versus current tax rates (in red).

If you’re wondering why Tax Justice Now features plans developed by only three current Democratic presidential candidates, the team behind the site, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, professors of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and a group of students who were designing and development – explains that the plans of Biden, Sanders and Warren are the only ones detailed enough to be modeled at the moment :

Many tax plans are not yet fully developed to be fully defined. Some candidates may still announce new tax plans. We modeled aspects that were detailed enough for us (as of 10 October 2019). We will revise our parameterization as more details become available. We contacted each of the campaigns to make sure we understood their plans correctly, and asked for additional clarification when there was not enough information in the public domain. It is important to note that this is our interpretation and our modeling of candidates’ (not campaigns) tax plans.

However, it is still worth exploring and learning more about how each plan might affect not only you, but other American taxpayers as well, and keep an eye on the site as more candidates post tax reform proposals.

Plus, if you don’t like any of the tax plans currently loaded on the interface, Tax Justice Now gives you the option to create your own. Have fun!


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