Save Money by Buying Flights for Thanksgiving in November

If you haven’t booked your plane ticket for Thanksgiving yet, you might be better off waiting until November.

Adobe Analytics released its vacation travel predictions this week. One of the most interesting things about the report is that waiting to buy your plane ticket on Thanksgiving will actually save you money. According to Adobe, you will save almost 10% if you wait until the first week of November to buy your ticket.

However, don’t wait too long. After the first week of November, air tickets will rise in price by 14% per week until the big day.

“I think people are assuming that booking now will help them save a little money, but last year’s data model doesn’t support that,” said Vivek Pandia, managing analyst at ADI. “If you still want to book flights, then the first week of November is really the best place.”

While none of the predictions are reliable, Adobe analyzed 1 trillion travel website visits between 2018 and 2019 to make its prediction, so it’s probably a pretty solid guess.

And if you are traveling for Christmas, they have roughly the same recommendation. In the first week of December, the number of flights will decrease by 13% compared to where they are now. As with Thanksgiving flights, these prices will rise again shortly thereafter, so if you wait you will need to make sure you are ready to pull the trigger.

And keep in mind that while waiting can be cost effective, these flights are likely to be much busier as the travel time goes by than they are now. Please note that waiting can put you in a middle seat or fly a different flight than you would like. Make sure the extra money pays off.


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