Best Place to Buy Cheap Halloween Candy

If you’re planning on handing out Halloween candy this year, you should probably go all-in and hand out full-size chocolate bars from well-known brands. Not only will you become the hero of your neighborhood, but you will also make other, cheaper neighbors feel inadequate, which is a fun bonus. For the cheapest Halloween candy for your money and the most smiles for every child, head to your local restaurant store.

Restaurant supply store rule. In addition to soup containers and non-irritating plastic wrap , they sell large volumes of supplies at competitive prices and you don’t need to own a restaurant or have any membership to shop at most of them (call before going to check). This means you can get a large number of fully marketed chocolate bars on the cheap. While prices vary from store to store and from region to region, I’ve found the candy at my local Smart Foodservice Warehouse to be more wallet-friendly than regular large box chains. For example, you can get an impressive 36-pack of Reese’s Peanut Cups for $ 24.57. That’s 66 cents a pack, which is a few cents less than the Reese at my local Target and Walmart, where full-size two-cup packs are 72 cents and 68 cents, respectively. It may not seem like much of a difference, but a couple of cents per child adds up, especially if you’re living in a gimmick or a high-demand treat.

In addition to cheap but luxurious chocolates, you can pick up some party supplies like, I don’t know, a hundred or so plastic adult glasses. Lugging a herd of kids to feed them sugar is hard work, and their parents deserve a little fun too.


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