How to Quickly Find and Connect With All Your Government Representatives Using Facebook

It is important to know who represents you in government, perhaps more now than ever.

If you’re not entirely sure who all of your reps are, Facebook does have a tool where you can quickly see them in one place, and how to contact them to express your concern or gratitude.

To find it, log into Facebook on your desktop computer and then select Town Hall on the left side of the page under Explore. You may need to expand the Explore section to see it.

From there, you can follow your local government on the social network, as well as find out who your local, state and federal representatives are. Next to each of them, you are given the option to follow them on Facebook, and under each of them there is a button with which you can directly contact them about the problem.

On the same page, you can also subscribe to local voting reminders in your area so you don’t miss an election, and you can enter your actual physical address to receive a “constituent” badge so your representatives know when you comment. that they are posting or sending a message that you are indeed someone in their area.

If you are a regular Facebook user, this is a quick and easy way to keep up with political events in your area.


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