How to Prevent Apple Employees From Listening to Your Siri Commands

Apple has begun rolling out new capabilities for managing Siri data, most notably the ability to opt out of viewing Siri audio clips by Apple employees. Users will also be able to send data deletion requests to Siri in the near future. These new features came in the latest round of OS updates for Apple devices and should be available to the general public soon.

It’s good to see Apple respond to recent criticism of allowing employees to use recorded Siri interactions to help develop new features and tweak the accuracy of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčassistant. While Apple handled this data with greater dexterity and security than other companies , it was nearly impossible to abandon the program without completely disabling Siri and deleting all command history, but the upcoming iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2, macOS 10.15.1, tvOs 13.2 Updates and WatchOS 6.1 will include new opt-out requests and deletion of your data by Siri.

Better yet, you can get the features early by registering your device (s) with the Apple OS Beta Program . Once you’ve done that, here’s how you can start giving up audio reviews:

Turn Siri Sound Viewer on or off

  1. Go to Settings> Privacy> Analytics.
  2. Disable Siri & Dictation Enhancements. This will remove you from the clip viewer; enabling the parameter will bring you back.

If you choose to let Apple view your Siri clips, Apple emphasizes that only Apple employees, and not third-party contractors, will have access to the clips. Those who opt out can still validate their teams, but only in the form of computerized and completely anonymous text transcripts. You can find a full explanation of how your data is used by Siri by going to Settings> Privacy> Analytics & Improvements> About Siri.

Delete Siri Command History

As for clearing Siri history, you can now make delete requests by going to Settings> Siri & Search> Siri History . Those who do not want to completely abandon the audio viewer for any reason should consider this feature, as deleting Siri data within 24 hours of executing a command will prevent Apple from using it to improve Siri.


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