Find Out If You Have Depression With This Online Screening

If, during your mental health awareness day yesterday, you wondered if you should seek help, know that you can get screened for depression online and report the results to a mental health professional.

The Calgary Counseling Center is making their online screening tool this weekend for free. It’s a quick survey, and then they ask for some information about the survey before giving you the results. The screening is anonymous, and the survey data is only needed so that it can collect information about which people are using it.

Another online tool from Mental Health America that provides a Depression Survey as well as other Surveys for Anxiety, Eating Disorders, and more. Immediately after taking the test, you will see your scores and there is an additional one on the website. information on questions you may have if you are feeling depressed or anxious.

Mental health screening is also free from a provider on almost all insurance plans , but online screening can help satisfy your curiosity while you schedule an appointment. However, after getting the results, you should still see a professional if you have high scores or are having problems.


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