Place the Custard Cakes in the Oven Before Pouring In

Filled with fruit or served unadorned, one of my favorite features of custard pies is their flavorful, charming appearance. Unlike American-style rustic pies, these flavorful little pastries look best when filled with a firm and careful hand. To keep the cakes neat and tidy, place them in the oven before filling.

If there is one benefit to re-watching old episodes of The Great British Baking, it’s that I’m internalizing the little tips and tricks I’ve missed before, and this custard tart is a game-changing little, but mighty, game-changer. If you’ve ever made custard brownies before, you know that even the tiniest drop of custard can make your crust burn and uneven, reducing the charm factor of your cake (and your family’s honor). Most of this spill occurs on the way to the oven, so place the crust on the oven rack and then top with the custard. Your pie or (tartlets) will be better off and you won’t have to be ashamed of an ugly, speckled crust.


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