What’s the Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten for a Dollar?

“This and the dollar” won’t get you a cup of coffee, unless “this” is two more dollars. It will still cover your tip in most bars, which sucks for bartenders. But what’s the best reward you’ve ever received for a dollar? Redditors have answered this question with some great stories and some great suggestions.

Redditor in hindsight – you’ve played a game of “trade” with a squad of scouts, starting at one pound and trying to switch to bigger stuff.

You end up with one of those virtual reality headsets where you stick your phone, a pair of glasses with a fake nose attached, more perfume sticks than any rational group of 16-year-olds would ever need, and a poster for the musical city on that week.

NorqMarash started a small business:

In the Philippines, a dollar costs about 50 pesos, which is enough to buy a pack (24 pieces) of ice cream decades ago. During the summer holidays, I bought a pack and sold one piece to our neighbour’s children. I would supplement my initial capital + earnings before the start of the new school year and earn about 500 pesos.

TheEyeDontLie too:

I started my empire with three packs of chewing gum. It was a strict school, so chewing gum was banned. There was an opportunity. I will take it. There was always a huge queue in the dining room, and no one wants to wait twenty minutes to buy snacks for lunch.

For several weeks I have been selling chewing gum, Redbull bars, Snickers bars, and muesli / muesli bars from my backpack. They came to me for a pretty penny, since I bought them in bulk and sold them at inflated prices. Non-free market. You forget your lunch, you pay $ 3 for a $ 2 Snickers bar (which I bought for $ 6 for $ 6).

After that, things fell into disrepair – read TheEyeDontLie ‘s entire saga of selling porn magazines, study notes, and Ritalin. Read carefully, this is the new Breaking Bad .

Poetry_Peter made friends with the dollar:

I live in Europe … Once I was talking to a girl I met and started talking about America, she had never been there, and I remembered that I had a dollar in my wallet, I gave it to her, and she was really happy. I still talk to her to this day.

WellNowWhat6245 can beat it:


I signed up for a river tour to a foreign country. The first boat trip cost me an extra dollar (I didn’t want other boats to interfere with my photos).

Met someone on that boat that later introduced me to her cousin.

Married for 8 years.

Times_Hunger also made friends:

I bought a McDonald’s burger for this bum who lived near my old job. The guy was grateful, so he taught me how to make origami cranes and we became friends.

Quickly rewinding the sequel, he got back on his feet and now he has a nice apartment and a really annoying yapping dog. Teaches craft lessons at a local community center.

Redditor nifecat made a simple old good buy:

Euro, not dollar, but still: about 5,000 low quality earplugs. They do their job very well. I have about 100 more. I don’t know where the rest have gone.

Wolverine Claws defeated their boss:

I bought a dollar cookie at a bake sale, then I didn’t really want to. I gave it to the girl I worked with, she loved me for it. After that, I was her favorite. This lady was my boss asshole.

A client approached the Spider Demon Queen Redditor feeling weak and asked if they had anything sweet.

I took a Coke from the machine in the break room and she drank it slowly, holding my hand. My manager called an ambulance for her, they loaded her and took her away. I still remember her little wave when she left. She lived.

I didn’t save her life or anything, but that dollar set her apart from getting into an ambulance knowingly and with dignity, or unconscious and sick.

Redditor crkfljq got “fun for the whole evening”:

I’m willing to bet my friend for a dollar that he will not break into the football stadium of our university. He did. But he did it right in front of the guard. Which then began to chase him, waving his flashlight all the time. In full view of all of us behind the fence.

This chase lasted about 5 minutes, through the stands and across the field.

My buddy flew out of another fence, but ripped his pants apart (sharp top on the mesh). So, he then ran down the street away from the frustrated guard, albeit unintentionally, putting him out on the full moon.

Anyway, this led me to get a beer while watching the police cars drive slowly through the neighborhood, I can only assume I was looking for a guy with no ass in his pants.

Other redditors’ dollar awards include the first Slurpee for children, another $ 92 in the can with a tip, a manual car, a winning surfboard lottery ticket, a $ 80 slot machine jackpot, and a $ 700 Versace blouse on the Goodwill program. trash can at a dollar a pound. So! What’s the biggest hit you’ve ever scored on a dollar?


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