Best Credit Cards for Dinner

Premium credit cards were pretty standard: you earned airline miles, you earned points at the hotel, or you received a cash refund. But as credit cards started rewarding different types of spending with point-based rewards instead of simple cash backs, one category that jumped out was dining. We’ve come a long way since the original Diner’s Club payment card was introduced. Once reserved for special occasions, dining out is a staple of everyday life for many and a lucrative way to earn credit card rewards.

Let’s take a look at the best credit cards in this category. As before (we have the best shopping and card products for newbies ), there are several factors that factor into this list:

  • How easy is it to earn points and how easy is it to redeem them?
  • If there is an annual fee, are there enough benefits to make it worth it?
  • Are there any bonus offers that can speed up your initial earnings?

Here are the best cards for earning points or getting money back in restaurants, takeaways and delivery.

Best Card for Beginner Bonus Card Users

Capital One SavorOne Awards

Rewards: Earn 3% cashback for lunch and entertainment, 2% cashback at grocery stores, and 1% anywhere else. There is no cost limit to receive rewards.

Sign Up Bonus: Get a $ 150 cash bonus if you spend $ 500 in the first three months after opening your card.

Annual fee: $ 0

Bonus Benefits: Receive a starting annual rate of 0% in the first 15 months your account is open.

Why we love it: While his older Savor card offers a 4% return on lunch, the SavorOne card offers almost the same rewards with no annual fee. The rewards for the SavorOne card never expire, and you can get cashback in any amount. If you want a card that rewards dining without enticing you to spend too much money on a big sign-up bonus (the Savor card offers a $ 300 cash back if you spend $ 3,000 in the first three months), start with this card.

The best card for those who ride a bike often

Uber Visa Card

Rewards: Earn 4% off restaurants, takeaways, bars, and of course Uber Eats orders. Earn 3% on flights, hotels and vacation homes, 2% on online purchases including Uber rides, and 1% on everything else. You can exchange your earnings for Uber Cash to use them in the Uber app, receive cashback or gift cards.

Sign Up Bonus: Get $ 100 if you spend $ 500 on purchases in the first three months.

Annual fee: $ 0

Bonus Benefits: Get up to $ 600 on mobile phone insurance (including damage, theft, and “involuntary and accidental separation”!) If you use your card to pay your monthly phone bill.

Why We Love It: Two Cents readers speak highly of this map for its versatility. Take a lot of Uber? Use your rewards for this. Decided to buy a car and don’t need Uber that badly? Use your rewards to pay for the food you just drove to. Combined with no annual fee and a low sign-up bonus threshold, it’s a solid choice for Uber fans and beyond.

The best card for travelers

American Express Gold Card

Rewards: Earn four points per dollar spent in restaurants around the world. Earn four points per dollar at US supermarkets with an annual purchase limit of $ 25,000. Earn three points per dollar spent on flights booked directly with airlines or through the American Express travel portal, and earn one point per dollar on everything else. Sign Up Bonus: Spend $ 2,000 in the first three months to earn 35,000 points. Annual fee: $ 250. Bonus bonuses: the card provides a credit for paying the airline fee in the amount of USD 100, which can be used to pay for baggage, meals during the flight or other unforeseen expenses; you must select an airline for a calendar year. You can also get $ 10 a month statement credit when you use your card to pay for Grubhub, Seamless, Boxed, and Shake Shack (along with, for some reason, The Cheesecake Factory and Ruth’s Chris Steak House). Why we love it: This card is best for those looking to eat their next vacation and are already used to bonus cards. American Express Points are redeemable for 19 different airlines and three hotel loyalty programs (Choice, Hilton and Marriott). Travel is the best way to redeem points for this card – if you want to use the points for a refund on your statement, you only get 0.6 cents per point compared to individual travel redeems. Airline contingency credits and meals through certain networks will almost offset the annual fee if used wisely.

Best card for people who like to buy in bulk

Citi Visa Costco Anywhere Card

Rewards: Earn 4% on gas for your first $ 7,000 per year, 3% on restaurants and travel, 2% on Costco purchases, and 1% on everything else. Sign Up Bonus: None Annual fee: $ 0, but you must have a Costco membership (which starts at $ 60 per year). Bonus Benefits: This is a store card that can be used wherever Visa is accepted, which means it offers many of the travel insurance benefits we’d like to see for credit cards. Why we like it: This card gives rewards in a slightly different way: every spring you receive a credit card reward for all of your previous year’s expenses, and this reward can be redeemed at Costco for either cash or purchases. Obviously, it’s designed for Costco loyal customers, but the flexibility in how you make money might come as a good surprise in the future.


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