Why Does Your Old-Fashioned Crème De Cacao Need

Most old-fashioned ones have some sugar in cubes or syrup, but that’s not what I would call a “sweet” cocktail. (If we’re not talking old-fashioned Wisconsin , that’s a completely different situation.) If you’re looking to ease your way towards bourbon-accented cocktails with a touch of southern charm, think of the 1930s with the Kentucky River.

I can’t find an accurate history of who or where this cocktail was first made, but it is in at least one cocktail book from the 1930s . It’s just as easy to make as any old-fashioned one, but the sugar is being replaced by crème de cocoa and the classic Angostura bitters are replaced by peach ones. This touch is more dessert-like than its classic counterpart, but still quite drunk and downright delicious. To make it you will need:

  • 2 ounces bourbon
  • 1/2 ounce crème de cocoa
  • 3 drops of peach bitter

Add everything to the large cube lowball and stir a little. Garnish with a strip of lemon zest if you need a side dish (and you can add more ingredients).


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