The Easiest Way to Make a Cleaner Broth and Broth

To cook broth on the stove, you need to stand over a boiling hot pot and pick up any strange, frozen meat leftovers from the surface. This is the worst. Of course, you can completely avoid descaling by using a multicooker , but if you get stuck on the stove, there is an easy way to make the worst part of the broth much smaller.

Skimming the broth isn’t really that bad, but once it covers every square inch of your other ingredients, you’re in for a bad time. To get around this, all you have to do is leave your spices, flavors, and vegetables in the pan until the meat stops scaling and you get it all off. That’s all. I learned this from the very first episode of Matty Matheson’s new YouTube cookery show, Just a Dash, in which he makes a vat of oxtail pho. Here’s how Matty put it:

My usual standard hob routine is essentially “quit everything at once, half skim and hope for the best,” so seeing this technique in action was a serious lightbulb moment. Of course , you have to keep meat and vegetables separate until the limescale is skimmed, the less ingredients there are in the jar, the less surface area there is for this bastard to tibit on. Now it’s so obvious that I’m actually angry about what I’ve done wrong for so many years.

When we finally get to the season of soup and stew, don’t repeat my mistakes: always remove any leftover broth before adding any vegetable to the pot. Your life will become much easier.


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