What Is a Stent?

Bernie Sanders had two stents placed in the arteries around his heart, which caused him to cancel campaign appearances. Installing a stent is a fairly simple medical procedure, let’s figure out what is connected with it.

Who will receive the stent?

Coronary artery stents are quite common, and about two million people undergo them every year. They can be inserted during a heart attack, but they are also commonly used to prevent heart attacks in those with a blocked artery.

His team told reporters that Bernie received a stent after chest pain. After chest pain occurs, the patient may have a coronary angiogram , which can be used to detect blockages using X-rays. If doctors find a blockage, they may recommend placing a stent.

What is a stent?

A stent is a mesh tube that can be placed inside a partially blocked artery to keep it open. Usually, doctors insert a thin tube through an artery in a person’s wrist or groin and advance it to the arteries around the heart. Once the tube reaches the blockage, they inflate the balloon to expand the space. At the balloon, the stent is folded around it, but after the balloon is inflated, the stent is secured in place, keeping the artery open. (The rest of the equipment has been removed.)Here is a video from the Mayo Clinic that shows what happens inside an artery:

Angioplasty and stent placement usually take one to three hours , according to WebMD, and people usually return to work the next week.


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