How to Protect Yourself From Data Leakage From the Series “Words With Friends”

The account information of about 200 million players of Zynga’s popular games Words With Friends and Draw Something has been stolen by “outside hackers,” the company describes . While your associated credit cards and any other methods you use to purchase in Zynga games appear secure for now, your logins may have been compromised.

As Zynga writes on its separate support page :

“Currently, we understand that access to financial information has not been made. However, we understand that account information for certain players in certain Zynga games may have been made available. As a precautionary measure, we have taken steps to protect certain player accounts from invalid logins, including but not limited to where we believe passwords may have been accessed. Zynga has begun the process of sending individual notifications to players if we believe the notification is necessary. ”

Should you be worried? If you use the same password for Zynga as you use for other services, yes. However, this problem is easy to fix. Get a password manager and make sure you use strong, unique passwords for all of your services, making it less likely that password cracking on one site would compromise your security on another.

Even if you don’t receive an email from Zynga stating that your account has been impacted, it never hurts to reset your password. (There’s nothing wrong with a little extra caution.) You probably don’t need to thoroughly scan your credit card transactions for the next few months – that is, those that might otherwise be associated with your Zynga account – but it never hurts to give them a quick glance a month or so just to make sure everything is on the up and up.


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