Where to Find an Online Personal Finance Community

We can talk about money in this corner of Lifehacker all day every day, but outside the warm two-cent box, talking about money is still generally frowned upon. In fact, according to Motley Fool’s The Ascent report , people are so quiet about their finances that they prefer to talk about their sex lives rather than credit card debt at a dinner party. This survey found that almost 57% of respondents believe that discussing personal finance is taboo, regardless of time or place. And that stigma can make you feel lost when you want to discuss your financial goals, understand your failures, or celebrate your accomplishments.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk about money with strangers, especially those in a similar financial situation to yours. Or, these strangers may have been in your shoes before and can provide advice without criticizing the actions that led to your current circumstances, whether good or bad.

This is where the power of the Internet comes in handy. If you need a boost of motivation or a place to express empathy for how bored you are with the meals you’ve prepared for the week, you can reach out to these supportive online groups. Best of all: they are free.

Facebook communities

You’re already signed into Facebook, so why not use this convenience to find a new personal finance community or two?

Spend faster (get rid of debt, save money and get inspired)

This group, a companion to the And Then We Saved blog, focuses on leveraging accelerated spending (which you might call no-cost calls ) to pay off debt faster. If you are focused on getting out of debt, this group is for you.

Frugal Friends Podcast Community

The Thrifty Friends podcast emphasizes that you don’t need to take extreme steps to improve your finances. The Facebook show group of around 1,100 members welcomes both novices and budget-conscious professionals.

Your money and your life

This group, run by NPR, is huge with over 51,000 members. But as you focus on saving and investing, you’re bound to discover a few new strategies to apply to your finances.

Dough rollers

This group, from the Dough Roller blog, has a broad outreach, inviting conversation about money and investment, but with a more manageable group size of around 7,500 members.


The amount of activity on Reddit can be overwhelming, so here are two subreddits I enjoy browsing that can help you dive into money topics.

g / personal finance

It is a versatile tool for budgeting, saving, paying off debt, investing and everything in between. If there is a more specific forum that suits your request (such as using credit cards to earn travel rewards ), other users will point the way.

p / humble

Want to save more and spend smarter? This subreddit teaches you how to make coupons, work with circulars, and make the most of your pantry. You can also read about some “lean attempts” that will make you feel better when your money-saving efforts turn out to be horribly unsuccessful.

Traditional forums

Do you miss the old days of the Internet? Luckily for you, the forums still exist. Start with one of these:

Oh my dollar

Fans of the trusted comment section on the now-closed site The Billfold (formerly run by Lifehacker writer Nicole Dicker ) can find this community on the forums on the personal finance education site Oh My Dollar . Topics range from budgeting to parenting, and there is even a thread to share your financial victories with the group.


The BiggerPockets forums, like the site of the same name , are focused on investing in real estate. But there are also discussions about financial independence, goal setting, and taxes.


Of course, performative social media can make you worry about your money (or lack of it). But if you follow a few select hashtags, you can find motivational posts with tons of tips and strategies for reaching your financial goals.

On Instagram, try #debtfreecommunity and #debtfreejourney to connect with users who are paying or have already paid a debt.

If you prefer Twitter, WiseBread hosts a weekly #WBChat chat on Thursdays to discuss personal finances. There are different topics every week.

Where did you find helpful personal finance communities on the Internet? Share your favorites in the comments.


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