Make a Cross on Your Bologna Before Frying

If you fry a lot of Bologna – and you must – you have probably noticed two things, one of which is a divine smell. But the second, less pleasant thing you may have noticed is that it tends to swell, rise, and move away from the pan.

Moisture is released during the preparation of Bologna. This moisture turns into steam when it enters the hot pan and then ends up in the meat trap. While trying to escape, he pulls the meat away from the pan, which is not an optimal solution, because contact is what gives Bologna a good searing.

If you are only cooking one piece of meat, you can simply weight it down with a spatula, but this will become cumbersome if you increase the number of slices. The solution is simple: give the pair a way out. Simply use a vegetable knife to make a crisscross – two inch-long intersecting cuts – in the center of the meat for lunch, then fry as usual. You may need to knock on the lapdog first to release the first steam, but once it reaches the exit point, the remaining steam will follow, increasing the contact of the meat with the pan.


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