Prevent Your Child From Eavesdropping on You While You Cook With This Game.

When my first adopted son lived with us for a year, he was my constant shadow. This sweet boy followed me wherever I went, especially when it was time to cook dinner. He was never interested in watching the show while I was cooking; he would rather be with me — physically as close as possible — while I move from the dining room to the kitchen, from the refrigerator to the sink, from the sink to the stove.

It was nice, but also unpleasant when it came to things like boiling pasta. He and I would both love this idea from Busy Toddler’s Susie Ellison :

Her idea is to write letters with dry erase markers on a sliding glass door or large window, hand the child a towel, and yell, “Erase the K! Erase the first letter of the word “cow!” Erase the last letter of your name! »When they run out of letters, write them again, rinse and repeat.

You communicate with them without being physically attached, and they train their letters. This is an activity that can also grow with the child. ABC Erase is perfect for kids ages 2 to 4. For older children, use it to practice words or simple math equations. Or let siblings play a few rounds of tic-tac-toe on a rainy day.

Once they are old enough (reliable enough) you can hand over the markers and walk away. I recently gave my supply of dry erase markers to my nine-year-old boy and asked him to decorate our dining room windows for Halloween. Later, I returned to the haunted house scene, which featured this cheerful little devil:

So there is no need for holiday windows anymore.


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