How to Find Cheap Furniture to Sell on Facebook

If you’re trying to furnish your home for little money, you quickly realize (perhaps using a plastic storage basket as a coffee table) that this can be a problem. But you do not always have the money to solve the problem as soon as possible to buy decent furniture in a new place. So you play back and forth by email negotiating the game with someone on Craigslist, or praying you’ve called dough for more FreeCycle deals in front of the rest of Neighborhood Chimes .

Speed ​​up your search for household items with this tip from bos-o on Reddit : Look for a “moving sale” on the Facebook marketplace.

Unlike regular garage sales inspired by Marie Kondo or those who only want to unload one item, rolling sales are temporarily reduced.

You will find people who want to get rid of things very quickly, and it usually comes down to your offer, not just throwing it at Goodwill. … I was able to get great discounts on many things: used Ikea, cookware, prettier mid-century furniture, Lasso fan, Canon printer, shelves, etc.

If you’re looking for larger items like a bed frame or an eight-person dining table, you’ll need to plan ahead to have a large vehicle ready. Someone preparing to move will want to unload their belongings as soon as possible and probably won’t want to get you home.

But the small cost of renting a truck or hiring a friend with a large vehicle can pay off in the savings that a move sale brings. If, for example, a retailer has several Ikea pieces of furniture in impeccable condition, you can get a discount for them – and they’ve already collected those items. It saves time and money.


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