If You’ve Booked a Ride With Thomas Cook, Here’s How to Get Your Refund

On Monday, the British travel company Thomas Cook suddenly collapsed, affecting the plans of 150,000 travelers and laying off ” tens of thousands ” of employees. At airports like that of Menorca, Spain , hundreds of travelers stayed at their gates.

Although the bankruptcy primarily affected British travelers, the company offered packages and flights to and from the United States, including New York and Orlando. Thomas Cook Holdings also owned Condor, a German airline that served cities like Baltimore and Phoenix, Points Guy said .

If you are affected by the news, first of all, you should know that all Thomas Cook flights have been canceled, so you probably shouldn’t go to the airport. On the other hand, if you booked a Thomas Cook vacation that included a separate airline booking, your flight may still be valid – check with that airline to be sure. According to account the airline in Twitter flights Condor are still running.

Otherwise, if you have booked your travel plan using a credit card, contact your bank immediately and explain your circumstances in order to arrange a chargeback. As Scott Keys writes from Scott ‘s Cheap Flights , also look out for the “rescue fares” offered by other airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, which offers assistance to these travelers in cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco or New York so you can find discounted flights.

If your final destination is in the UK, visit the Civil Aviation Administration website , which has several resources for those whose plans have been canceled. If you are currently abroad, the Civil Aviation Authority offers to change your plans for free. (This is where things get a little tricky; you can only change plans or apply for a refund if your plans were protected by ATOL. ATOL protection means you are eligible for a refund if your UK company stops publicly trading for any reason. or reason. If you were under ATOL protection, you would receive a certificate upon booking.)

And keep watching for news of CNN ‘s bankruptcy.


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