Take Cycling Seriously With These Beginner Workout Plans

How are you on the bike? If you are new to our fitness challenge , in September we boarded our bikes (indoor or outdoor) for cycling workouts. If you’re having fun and wanting to take it to the next level, here are some beginner workout plans to try.

If you just need a rough guide to getting better, this quote from FuzzyCollege on the r / cycling subreddit sums it up well :

when you start cycling, you get faster just by riding more often, then you get faster by riding further, and finally, when you are in good shape, you get faster by focusing on intensity, spacing, etc.

If you are looking for a more structured workout plan, try one of the following:

  • Cancer Research UK has a guide for people preparing for the 30-mile fundraising bike race. For people who haven’t cycled at all lately, there is a beginner’s plan (it starts with three 10-minute rides a week and is designed for a long trip of 45 minutes). This is followed by an 8-week plan that includes off-bike strength training so that you learn to ride once a week for about two hours at a time.
  • Cycling Weekly has a 12-week beginner workout plan that targets those more physically fit. The first week includes 60 and 90 minute rides and runs up to 3+ hours for the longest trip of the week.
  • Cycling has a 6 week plan for all levels. Each week, you will do a weekly cycling workout of 45-60 minutes three times, and spend the rest of the days on cross-training, rest, or light riding.

Cycling more often and increasing the number of rides you already do should go a long way towards strengthening your lungs and legs and making you more comfortable in the saddle. Let us know how it goes!


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