Samsung Android 10 Device List Leaked – Fake

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Earlier this week, a screenshot was released that allegedly lists all Samsung devices that were going to get Android 10. The list caused an understandable stir among some Samsung owners, who were hoping that the latest version of Android would land on their preferred device.

Unfortunately, the image turned out to be a fake, or at least not the “official document” that was originally intended. After the screenshot was circulated by various media and tech bloggers, a number of people tried to confirm the information as suspicions arose about the source and legitimacy of the image. In short, the image reportedly appeared on Samsung’s unofficial Facebook fan page, so don’t rely on any devices you’ve seen on it.

This does not necessarily mean that Android 10 will not appear on the listed devices, but it is impossible to confirm which devices will receive the new OS version and which will not.

It is important to remember that leaks and rumors are easily falsified. This is especially important for fans of consumer technology, where leaks and rumors about upcoming products, fixes, and features are an integral part of industry release and announcement cycles. As with many things in life, it is always best to treat Internet rumors with open-minded skepticism; you do not need to completely rule out this possibility, but it is better to wait for strong evidence before fully accepting it.


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