Find Your Perfect Bra Quickly by Knowing Your Sister’s Bra Size

If you’ve ever gone shopping for a bra, you know how frustrating it can be. Between bra size, which is a myth, and hormone levels that change breast size over the course of a month, it’s a tough battle. Luckily, this drawing offers some tips that might help.

The infographic company producing lower linen HerRoom given some basis for determining bra size, such as measuring cups and size bracelet. What you might not know about bras is that “sister bra sizes” – sizes close to your current bra size – can help you quickly find the bra that fits best when the one you’re trying on isn’t the right size. … …

If the strap fits, for example, but the cup doesn’t fit, change the letter but not the number (for example, from 36C to 36B or 36D). To resize the strap, change both the letter and the number diagonally (see the illustration below for a visual example of going from 36C to 38B or 34D). And to change the cup and strap size, adjust the number but not the letter (for example, 36C to 34C or 38C).

It sounds confusing (since buying a bra can be difficult at times), but it can save you time by choosing a bra that actually works for you.

Here is the complete graph (note that there is an error in the top table where the cup size C is repeated twice; the first must be B):

Of course, the best way to find a bra that really fits is with a professional. But if that’s not an option, this diagram can help as a last resort.

This story was originally published on 9/26/13 and updated on 9/20/19 to provide more complete and up-to-date information.


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