How to File an Infringement Claim Yahoo!

With all the major corporate data breaches uncovered over the past few years, you might have forgotten that Yahoo revealed 500 million account passwords in 2016.

Finally, it was time to file a lawsuit to secure a portion of the company’s $ 117.5 million class action lawsuit. The case actually concerns four separate hacks that occurred on Yahoo between 2012 and 2016.

You are eligible if a violation notice was sent to you in 2016 or 2017, or if you had a Yahoo account between 2012 and 2016.

Like other similar breaches, Yahoo offers two options: you can get two years of free credit monitoring services or, if you already have such a service, you can ask for $ 100. As with Equifax , your cash compensation can be less than $ 100 if everyone and their brother signs up to receive cash. In this case, it is also stated that if there is any leftover money, you can get up to $ 358.80. (Our advice: don’t expect extra money.)

If you are filing a claim for costs and / or time (up to 3 pm) lost due to the consequences of the violation, you may submit documentation to receive up to $ 25,000.

You will need to know your Yahoo username in order to file a claim. You can file a claim on the settlement website .

The final approval of the settlement agreement is scheduled for April 2, 2020. The deadline for submitting your claim is July 20, 2020.


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