Everything You Need to Do Before Updating Your IPhone to IOS 13

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Happy iOS 13 release! Now that an update is available , resist the urge to jump to the big iOS update. There are a few things you can do before you start installing it – indeed, something worth doing at least once a year, and the iOS update time is the perfect reminder to do it.

What I mean?

Let’s talk about the basics first. Back up your iPhone before updating to iOS 13. You never know what might go wrong, and it never hurts to have a great, recently updated backup before taking any important action on your device. You can back up your device via iCloud – the traditional method – or connect it directly to your laptop or desktop and create a backup via iTunes . You can also do both! It’s overkill, but it’s always better to have more backups than fewer. Right?

Empty your storage. While you wait for the iOS 13 update, take some time to clean up your phone . Do you really need all those downloaded movies or music? Have you watched or listened to them since the launch of iOS 12? It might be time to consider uploading all of your photos to iCloud, or if you’re running out of space, to a third-party service like Google Photos.

Remove unnecessary applications. You probably have a lot of apps installed on your device. (I know what I’m doing.) Why not take a few minutes to cut that huge number of application pages down to … fewer pages? Think about not using in a while (or get a friendly reminder about apps you never touch through Settings> General> iPhone Storage ) and uninstall apps that are over a year old. Or, if that helps, apps you can’t even remember the purpose of. If you don’t know what it does, why leave it on your iPhone?

Delete your beta profile. If you’ve followed our advice and played around with the beta versions of iOS 13, then feel free to delete the beta profile (via Settings> Profile ). Chances are good that you are already running the beta version of iOS 13.1 by now. If you want to downgrade to the final version of iOS 13 instead, you’ll have to downgrade to an earlier version it’s easy, but a little more difficult than a regular update.

Figure out where to start. IOS 13 brings a lot of exciting new features. I, for one, plan on setting up dark mode on all my devices as soon as I can, but that’s just me. We’ve talked about a lot of features and tweaks worth exploring in iOS 13, so read a little while your iPhone does a little bit.

Install the update. When everything is ready, it is very easy to install the iOS 13 update on your device. Open Settings, click Software Update and follow the instructions. iOS 13 will be downloaded and installed, your phone will be unusable while it chugs, and then it will restart with a whole new interface ready for you.


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