You Never Have to Change Seats in Flight

In a recent Reddit thread, u / christontoast666 explained his moral dilemma when he agreed to swap seats on a flight with another passenger. “I booked an aisle seat for a 12-hour flight to Europe, and when I got on the plane, a woman asked me if I would mind swapping with her so she could sit with her children,” he wrote. his new location will be average. “I went back to my place and said no to the woman, and she was immediately very upset. I explained to her why I needed my aisle seat, but at that moment everyone looked at me like a furious asshole for separating my mother from her children. “

We’re here to say to all human lovers, you don’t have to agree to change places when asked to. Seat allocation is done on a first come, first served basis (or, in many cases, for what you paid a surcharge for), which means getting the seat you want is the personal responsibility of each passenger. Below are a few examples you may find yourself in and why it is perfectly okay to decline an exchange request, as well as the rare case where you might actually prefer to switch places.

They offer a bad trade

The passenger in the middle seat asked for your coveted checkpoint. Refuse politely and explain that you prefer the chosen location; As the Points Guy writes , if you are asked why you do not want to trade, a simple “because this is my designated place” will suffice. Or be honest and explain that you just don’t need an average seat. If the exchange is not equal, for example, one aisle seat for another, do not count the exchange.

You have a fast connection

You are sitting in front of the plane, so you can quickly get off the plane and transfer to the plane. Do not let anyone else take your seat and this could jeopardize your ability to operate your connecting flight. Explain the circumstances and why their location will make it difficult for you to board your next flight on time. They must understand and willingly walk away after being defeated. You have a great reason to stay in your place here, and even if you didn’t, the other person never had the right to do so.

The passenger wants to sit next to his partner

This is the most common excuse of all; you are sitting next to a friend or partner of someone sitting a few rows back on the plane and they wonder if you would change so they can fly together. Sounds good, but you don’t need to move. They can live without each other for hours, and if their need for each other were really that dire, they could plan ahead and book next to each other. Stay where you are.

When should you surrender

There are no circumstances under which you have to give up your seat (unless the airline unwittingly kicks you off the flight, but this is a completely separate conversation), but there are times when you might want to trade. If the seat you are offering is superior, such as they offer an exit row seat with extra legroom, then go for it. If the exchange is equal but can benefit the person who can sit next to their child, then you can trade if you feel compassionate.

But do not give in if you are not at all happy with the request. If you’re lucky, they’ll ask another passenger or just refuse. And if you’re afraid to fly with an angry passenger who you have denied the opportunity to spend a couple of hours chatting with his partner, remember: this is not your fault. Put on a movie or headphones and let them simmer in the middle seat.


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