Tell Us Your Worst Behavior

There is a famous subreddit where people tell you that you are an asshole. But sometimes you already know that you are an asshole and you don’t know how to stop.

Even good people have bad behaviors that we cannot get rid of. What do you have? Are you constantly late ? too critical of your friends? complainant? Are you having a hard time keeping secrets or holding back? Do you make annoying comments on productivity blogs?

What’s the worst behavior that you would like to give up, but that was too difficult to get rid of? What solution have you tried and failed?

Leave a comment below (or drop me a line in my bio with “Bad Behavior” in the subject line). If I find a solution, I’ll write to you in another post. (If you write a letter, I will keep your name a secret.) Fear not. Open. You will feel better. It will make you feel like a lesser asshole.


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