Don’t Expect the Host of the Dinner Party to Reveal the Wine You Bring

When attending a dinner party in someone’s home, it is customary to bring something, and for most people that “something” is a bottle of wine. It’s great if you understand that you will not be able to drink any of this.

The wine brought to the party should be a present for the host to thank him for opening their house and preparing the meal. They should be able to enjoy it whenever they want, such as during a party, but should not be under any pressure to serve it to you or other guests. A simple “this for you later” usually clears up any expectations about this.

If you have a specific bottle in mind for the lunch you are serving, you can bring one for yourself, but (if you want to be painfully polite) ask the host first. None of my friends are that fancy, but maybe the person serving you your meal has planned a couple or picked a special bottle (or bottles) for the occasion, so check and see if there is anything else you need. the owner. You should also expect to share any booze you bring as you walk into the communal dining room and stocking up alcohol at the end of the table is a bad sight.


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