Use Alexa to Keep Track of Your Favorite NFL and High School Soccer Team This Season

The football season has officially begun. Whether you’re interested in a specific team or how your fantastic players are doing, Amazon’s Alexa can be a great tracking tool.

Amazon added several new soccer features to the virtual assistant this year. In particular, she has now expanded her football knowledge and can provide detailed statistics for both players and teams in the NFL.

You might ask, for example, “Alexa, how many free yards are there for the Jets?” or “Alexa, how many fantasy points did Russell Wilson have today?” or “Alexa, who has more yards to pass, Russell Wilson or Carson Wentz?”

While Alexa is not nearly as reliable, she also has team information and college football stats. He will also add high school sports this year. While he can’t tell you what the stats are for this 10th grade outside, he can tell you when the next high school game will take place.

If you have a favorite professional team, you should also tell Amazon who they are.

To tell her your favorites, launch the Alexa app and then click the hamburger menu (three lines above each other) in the upper left corner of the screen. From there click on Settings and then Sports Updates. You will then use the search bar to find the commands you want to add to your personal list in the app.

Once you’ve tweaked this setting, you can request a “Sports Update” from Alexa and get a rundown of the latest games your loved ones have played and their schedule for the next week.

Quite simple, but nice to know this is an option. And it might save you a bit of time trying to find these stats on Google during a commercial break.


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