How to Stop Losing Remotes When You Have Kids

Do you see the remote control in the child’s hand? It will be out after about 15 seconds. Since you are going to look away for a moment, you are going to put your coffee mug in the microwave (again) and by the time you get back it will be long gone.

Small children love remotes. But not toy consoles; they didn’t fall for this shit . They love the real deal. And as technology improves, the real ones seem to get smaller and thinner, and easier to squeeze between couch cushions, kicks under the chair, and bury them in a bin of plastic dinosaurs.

Well, Reddit user u / ladyjriggs has a low tech solution to a high tech problem. Use duct tape or zippers to glue them to large dishes or tools:

Sure, a giant wooden spoon and paint roller will probably make this remote even more attractive to toddler, but at least it will be easier to spot at the bottom of the toy chest.

For a softer approach, u / mstaralynn suggests another solution : super-glue them to the “arms” of a stuffed animal (like this giraffe and an owl): you have to be dedicated to using superglue. route; If this is a cable company remote that you will have to return at some point, you really need to consider. And as one commenter points out, it can also make your remotes more appealing to the dog. But this is a more attractive alternative.


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