Move to Southern Italy and Get $ 770 a Month

If you’ve ever wanted to live in Italy, this might be the right time to move. Molise, a sparsely populated area of ​​the country, offers new residents € 700 a month (approximately $ 770) to move to the region. And they will pay you for three years after you move.

As with most surprising deals, there are a few caveats: the village you are moving to must have less than 2,000 residents and you will have to open your own business in the area, The Guardian reports .

You are not limited by the type of business you own, so you can do anything from opening a cafe to offering your services as a dog groomer – the idea is simply that you are doing something to improve the community.

In addition to rewarding individual new residents, the local government will also provide these sparsely populated cities with € 10,000 per month (approximately US $ 11,000) to help build infrastructure in cities and promote cultural events for local residents. means that whichever city you move to is likely to have some fun things to do and improve.

Sounds tempting? The government is expected to release official details of the deal on September 16 in The Gazette , after which candidates will have 60 days to apply.


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