Yes, You Can Use the Fitness Studio When Empty

Have you ever wished your gym had a nice, quiet place where you could do your stretches or bodyweight without huddling between machines and dumbbells? Here’s the secret: probably so.

If your gym has a studio that has group classes, chances are they won’t mind if you wander there when classes aren’t in progress. In fact, there is probably someone doing yoga there right now to calm down .

To make sure everything is in order, ask at the gym’s front desk. But every gym I’ve ever been to allows people to visit the studios when they’re empty. Check it out, but in general these are unwritten rules:

  • Check the class schedule to make sure class is not about to start.
  • If you are using any equipment in the room (such as an exercise ball or yoga mat), be sure to put it back and wipe it down if necessary.
  • If there is already someone else in the room, respect that he was the first. Don’t bother them, and if you want to turn on a light or something like that, be a decent person and ask if they mind.

To this last point:

Yes, they should definitely ask you before turning on the light. Or, if they really need to turn them on to watch for security reasons, they should at least say something like, “Hey, I need to turn on the lights, sorry to bother you.”

They may not have noticed you there at first (especially if you are training in a dark corner), so this interaction can go smoother if you make sure you are in a location that they will see when they enter. You have every right to say, “Hey, do you mind if we turn off the lights?” But in the end, this space is open to both of you, and you are lucky enough to find it empty, so enjoy the loneliness while you have it.


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