Automatically Switch Web Search to DuckDuckGo Sometimes With This Chrome Extension

Google has made its search function an integral part of the Internet experience. This is such a big part of how most of us use the Internet that switching to another search engine, even if we really want to, can be a little tricky.

DuckDuckSometimes is a Chrome extension that automatically redirects some of your Google searches to DuckDuckGo, not Google.

If you’re not familiar, DuckDuckGo is a search engine with a strong focus on user privacy. Unlike Google’s search results, which are based in part on what the company knows about you, DuckDuckGo instead shows the same search results for a specific search query to all of its users.

If you are concerned about privacy (and you should), this is a better choice than Google, but it can be difficult to do.

After installing the extension, it will automatically redirect some of your searches to DuckDuckGo and not to Google.

Yes, some of your searches will still go through Google, but you can cut back a little, allowing you to thoughtlessly switch to a search engine without having to remember “Google it”. “


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