How to Get an Interview

There is a lot of research and preparation that you can do before going to your new job interview.

But even if you’ve already been stalking your potential new boss on LinkedIn and practicing the question “What’s your biggest weakness?” answer, there are still problems associated with the day of the interview.

First, before you leave the house, make sure your clothes are not something that might trigger a subconscious response from the interviewer, so stick to neutrals.

If you’re running late, it’s best to reschedule instead of coming out of breath. But keep in mind: you can only migrate once! So make the extra effort to be on time in the future.

Remember to shake hands warmly during the interview, speak openly and expressively, and always keep thought-provoking questions to ask the interviewer at hand. After that, always send thank-you notes (don’t just copy and paste!)

For more interview tips, see the video above.


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